Living the life at The Darling


After the ordeal that was Dry July was over, we decided to have a night “away” at the Darling. It is really pivotal to note that this is NOT the Casino and is next door. Nowhere is there any sign of the tackiness that comes with the casino despite its renovations. This hotel is super classy and very grown up for Sydney.

Upon our arrival we had our bags taken by a fantastic porter, and were delighted to see that we had been upgraded to a spa suite! The room was absolutely incredible, with panoramic city skyline views, the only complaint would be the TV in the bedroom blocked half the view!

The spa was fantastic, and i was delighted by the walk in wardrobe and quality espresso machine in room!!

Also the mini bar prices were very reasonable which mattered as I was sure looking forward to a drink!!

We had dinner at Sokyo downstairs. Fantastic, but those who eat here should be ready to share as this is the entire essence of the restaurant. As they saying goes don’t come the raw prawn with me, but here welcome the raw bugs! The moreton bay bugs sashimi was fantastic, beautifully balanced. Another interesting was pork belly (thankfully served cured not raw!!!) with a salted caramel sauce a nice twist from the pork belly normally served in Japanese restaurants around town. 

For the major dishes the prawns served in a dashi jelly sauce and the snapper with cauliflower puree and mushrooms were both amazing. Great serving size and both crisp fresh dishes.

However the best was yet to come

We ordered our perennial favourite in any quality japanese restaurant, seared salmon belly nigiri, and it didnt disappoint. The best was the tuna on crispy rice nigiri. The Tuna was such good quality it disintergrated in your mouth, juxtaposed with the crunchy rice, just two words, Order it!!!

Deserts were beautiful as well, all in all a great dinner with exceptional service throughout!

Overall, a great place to stay for the weekend or night away without really having to go away!


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I have been involved in the menswear business since university in1997. Have gradually fallen in love with men's suiting and more recently tailor made garments. I am perpetually asked for style advise and things to wear so decided to get some of my thoughts and passions out and about

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