I always love getting new books in store especially when they are innovative and even more so when they support Australian farmers. So when Hugo from Dormeuil Australia came in to our show room to go through the new range and new products I fell in love with this collection.

This collection, like all Dormeuil ranges, has an amazing selection of patterns, textures, double stripes and plains all with the unique finish Dormeuil always provide. The stripes are varied and stand out from others by the clever use of texture to create different effects in the cloth. I would love to share some of these with you but, as I have found many times, images don’t do these fabrics justice and don’t display the true character of the cloth.

This though is not why the bunch interested me so much. This bunch is produced in collaboration with Australian Wool Innovation. This a not for profit organization of approximately 25000 Australian farmers that invests making the Australian wool industry stronger via R&D and marketing to increase the demand for fine Australian wool worldwide. For those more interested in specifics please read more here

As many of you would already be aware  a large proportion of fine suiting wool is grown in Australia, with a smaller amount from New Zealand, making up the majority of the world’s fine wools. However much of the world is ignorant to where the wool is grown. This project will help our farmers market their product better and have it requested specifically upon purchase.

When you next pop in to your tailor ask to have a look at this bunch and then let the great Dormeuil style win you over. We are very excited to stock it too at Argy’s.

It  makes damn fine suits!!!

To read more specifics on the fabric here is a link to have a look at too.

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