It’s been a while since the last post, for which I apologize. However with the spring racing carnival hitting Australian cities, it’s a great time to take inspiration once again from the iconic Pitti Uomo festival held in Florence.

The key looks this season are, Double breasted, jacket pant separates, linen and cottons, bright colours accessorizing and no socks



Here are some great examples of bold colours in jacketing, especially in the pastel tones with pinks dominating. I tend to find that the pastel tones tend to suit most complexions well and are a good if bold option. Many of these jackets are in either cotton or linen rich fabrics, often combined with each other, silk or wool to create a slightly more casual look as opposed to the crispness of a worsted wool or mohair.

Now these colours, being so bold, are quite difficult to wear as a full suit so as such they are predominately worn as sports-coats with a contrasting trouser, in most cases a very neutral such as beige or camel as above.

With these bolder garments they need to fit well, from slim fit through to almost too tight, anything loose will look like it was picked up in an op-shop!!!



This is a subject for a further post later this week, but double breasted is back!!! Jackets and suits are both in trend in DB. Personally I love them as they are the most flattering style on tall slim men, but they do suit a wide variety of shapes. The key is to (a) ensure they are well fitted and most importantly (b) are always worn done up. Currently different DB’s quite often have non standard buttons, whether they are white, light brown, leather or something different they add panache to the outfit. Once again look to the cotton and linen blends to keep them cool and less straight-laced.


Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 7.29.27 pm

Pretty simple concept that is common place with casual wear and is now really prevalent in more formal looks. In order to pull this off your trousers need to be quite slim especially at the ankle and also on the shorter side. Shoe wise a stylish loafer is the style most suited to this look, preferably in a brown, light or dark, or suede. Bolder colours such as blue or oxblood are also great for the more confidant. Now to avoid the foot pain often associated with the fairer sex and shoes on race-day, anklet sockettes are recommended, not only for comfort, but also for the protection of the olfactory senses.



Its summer (well spring) so wear comfortable fabrics. Cotton and linen breathe so much more than other fibres and as such are great to wear on hot days and still look formal enough for the occasion. Above are 2 of the stars or Pitti and menswear in general Luca Rubinacci and Lino Ieluzzi. They are also showing off great colour choices, although be very careful with Rubinacci’s mustard!!! very easy to get wrong!!!



Once left to women, men are embracing the role of accessories to lift an outfit. Once we kept things to simple cufflinks, a watch and maybe a ring, men are stepping out with scarfs and pochettes in bold striking patterns and colours.The gentleman above shows this at a great level. An amazing scarf teamed with pocket sq, tie, tie bar sunglasses, folio and various wrist pieces. None of these are matching per se but are coordinated perfect to lift an outfit that consist simply of plain suit, shirt and tie. Adding accessories is a simple way of lifting your basic outfit for a special occasion, as well as a way to differentiate yourself from everyone else just in a navy suit. Don’t cop out though and just get a pochette in a matching fabric to your tie, be bold and enjoy the results.

Embrace the boldness of the brighter colours, and powerful accessories and separate yourself from the masses at race day or any other event throughout the spring period, even if its just for work. menswear is becoming far more individual.


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