My Satorial New Year’s Resolutions

Well as 2015 has ended and begun, many of us have made our New Year’s resolutions, I thought I would share my sartorial resolutions for the coming year and onwards. One preeminent resolution is to blog far more often after a poor year with only 5 posts!!

  1. Take better care of my shoes!

I am guilty of not ensuring my footwear is immaculate at all times. The effort in wearing a beautiful suit with a carefully cultivated shirt tie accessory combo is totally wasted when your shoes look like the one on the left!!

2015-06-04 17.01.41-2

2) Up my accessory game

I have long been of the mantra “less is best” when it comes to accessories. However with the plethora of amzing tie and pochette options available, and the multitude of other accessories available to the modern dandy, its wasteful not to take advantage of them more often.


3) Get a great pair of sunglasses

For seemingly forever I have been without this essential style piece and these stunners from Dita fit the bill I think!!

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 3.39.06 pm


4) Be bolder with my suits/jackets

Having the luxury of not having to tow a corporate dress code line, means I should be more adventurous with my suits although not crossing the line into crass or even worse novelty. I started this with a few fabric orders prior to Xmas as pictured below.


5) Get a tuxedo!!!

This is an extension of a project from mid 2015 and is well underway. I was invited to a “black tie” dinner and wrongly assumed that it would be like many other Sydney “Black Tie” functions, in which almost no-one would have a tux on, rather a crisp suit and tie. Boy was I wrong!!! The tailor was pretty much the only one in the room not in a dinner suit. This is currently being remedied and a beautiful new double breasted, grosgrain silk lapel tuxedo is due to be completed min Febuary (my garments always get finished last!!!)

6) Move away from the denim!!!

For decades men have relied on the jean as a go anywhere garment including me. This year no longer!! As several of my jeans need replacing, I shan’t be doing like for like. I, instead, will do so with cotton, linen, wool, flannel and many other more interesting options in almost all cases. Of course some jeans will still be part of the wardrobe, but no longer something I wear nearly always when not in a suit (although that is rare anyway!)Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 4.00.40 pm

7) Get some good hats

Kind of goes with the accessories comment, but in yesteryear hats weren’t just an accessory but essential. Here are a couple I would love to have


8) Lose some weight!!!!

None of these look any good if I am carrying 10kg too much LOL so time for the gym and a few less vinos!!!

9) Make the trip to Pitti Uomo in January 2017!!!

Enough said!!


Happy New year to you all, and may 2016 be filled with success and happiness!!!

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I have been involved in the menswear business since university in1997. Have gradually fallen in love with men's suiting and more recently tailor made garments. I am perpetually asked for style advise and things to wear so decided to get some of my thoughts and passions out and about

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