After falling into menswear retail whilst studying Political Science and German at University, I discovered my true passion and calling. 17 years of experience later has refined this passion to more formal attire, particularly suiting and tailor made garments and altering premium ready to wear pieces to compliment people’s shapes. Over this time I have gained a great understanding of what works for certain people, the unwritten rules of what to wear and when to wear it, then learning how to “bend” those very rules!!

Having been in the Sydney menswear scene for a decade and a half, almost always in a suit, people began to be surprised whenever the saw me more casually dressed, refering to me as “the man in a suit” or some other similar moniker, hence the title to this blog, and the associated twitter handle.

Over the years many friends and clients have sought my advice for various satorial situations, fits and fabrics, so I thought it good to share them more widely

I look forward to sharing my passion and thoughts on menswear with any readers, and I hope you enjoy

The Man in a Suit


One response to “About”

  1. waqarshumail says :

    very nice blog indeed! And thx alot for dropping by & for the follow.

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